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Serve Online Learners and Virtual Educators.

Our mission is to SOLVE the problems manifested as growing pains of a rapidly expanding mode of teaching and learning. Our acronym S.O.L.V.E. symbolizes our purpose to enthusiastically, Serve Online Learners and Virtual Educators.


The Tech Guy-  

Click here if you need a quick reference for answers to commonly asked (and some unusual) questions.

For CyberProfs

Click here for a collection of professional opinions relating to the online education experience.

For Learners

This section is for information dissemination. Suggestions are offered by learners and CyberProfs to all participants in the online education community.

Guest Learner

Here you will find essays focused on successful ventures throughout the online learning experience. The guest authors are veteran online learners who are willing to share their experience and to offer advice to new participants.

Direct link to your hard copy of How to Succeed With Online Learning

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