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We are a consortium of college professors, administrators, learners, and members of the business community working together to offer ideas and tangible support to online learners and educators. The acronym S.O.L.V.E. (Serve Online Learners and Virtual Educators) succinctly describes our mission. Our mission is to SOLVE the problems manifested as growing pains of a rapidly expanding mode of teaching and learning. Our venture will be dynamic and include articles written by professors, teachers, administrators, learners, and practitioners. The articles that we offer are free of charge to professors, learners, and others active within the academic community.

Our e-books and articles are targeted to learners and are designed to be very reader friendly. We use a no-nonsense plain English delivery system of critical advice for success.

We encourage all visitors to offer suggestions, contribute articles for review, and to provide comments for website enhancements. Please offer any input that you may have through the 'contact us' link.

Richard J. Van Ness, Ph.D.

We adhere to a strict privacy policy which means your information will not be shared, sold, or otherwise distributed to anyone. We require that any information taken from our website be used solely for an individual's education needs and nothing is to be reproduced or sold for commercial gain. All quotations and references to our materials must be properly cited.



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