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Put Hooks in Your Resume

Job searching is an expedition, an adventure, or maybe even a fishing voyage. Is a job search analogous to fishing? In some respects. All other things being equal it is the right hook that will lead to success. A resume needs the right lure and hooks to catch the reader's attention.

Basically, your resume is you in written form. Who better knows you than you? Write your own highly effective resume. Profs and practitioners have offered advice on what works well to attract (and maybe even hook) readers to your persona as you have described in writing.

Each resume that you prepare should be written to a specific job. Never adopt the approach that one size fits all. Sure it's more work, but it will not go unrewarded. Read a job announcement very carefully and write to each of the points listed in the job posting. Always prepare an outstanding company specific cover letter with your resume. In the cover letter, highlight your qualifications for the job.

Top ten lists seem popular but we could not hold the suggestions at ten, so a list with our top ten plus suggestions for putting hooks in your resume follow.

Top 10+ Resume Writing Suggestions for Hooking Readers

Research the company and job description. Always write directly to the job when demonstrating qualifications.

Always proofread your resume 9 times.

After you proofread 9 times, always have a competent reader review and proofread your work. Let there be no mistakes.

Chronologically account for your work, education, and time away from either.

Always be concise and clear in demonstrating how you are the right person for the job.

Describe your past job responsibilities and accomplishments as each relates to the job.

Use common language that relates to the job and industry. Don't try to send readers to their thesaurus or dictionary.

Be honest. Validate your strengths and accomplishments by using examples.

Use an easy to read font.

Be certain that all content is relevant and timely.

State that references are available upon request.

Create an electronic version of your resume that is tailored to the job and the company.

Remember, the cover letter must be perfect- no room for errors. This is probably the first view of you the reader will receive. It must catch the reader's attention and stimulate his or her interest to read, rather than scan, your resume.

The suggestions offered will help you to write a most appropriate resume. The resume and cover letter are indeed, the critical first step. In most cases, this is the first hurdle to clear. After all, if you are not invited to the interview you won't have an opportunity to land the job.

Robert G. Frederick
Ingrid C. O'Connell
Edie Donohue
OLB Group


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