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How to Succeed With Online Learning

Table of Contents

How to Succeed With Online Learning

Chapter 1

The 3 R's: Read, Read, and Read

Introduction, Registration, Contact Information, Course Objectives, Readings, Course Learning Activities, Modules, Expectations, How You Will Be Evaluated, Research, Proofread, Hard Copy, Getting Organized, Introducing Yourself, Course Schedule, Success

Chapter 2

Profiles of Success

Introduction, Survey Results of Students Successful with Online Learning, Survey Results of Students Who Never Took an Online Course, Student Advice, A Model for Success, Comparison of Traditional and Online Teaching and Learning, Student Vignettes

Chapter 3

What the Cyberprofs Say

Introduction, It's All About You, Survey of Professors- What it Takes for Online Students to Succeed, Best Practices, Recapitulation of Professors' Advice, Believe

Chapter 4

Understandable Tech Talk

Introduction, Word Jumble, Things You Should Know About, Things You Should Not Worry About So Much, Why Getting Technical is Not So Hard to Do, Online Course Challenge- Mastering the Basics, Learning Platforms and Learning Curves, Keeping it Simple, Using a Help Desk Effectively, Getting the Most From Help Desk Staffers, Recapitulation of Tech Highlights

Chapter 5

Participate Don't Evaporate

Introduction, What is an Asynchronous Discussion?, What is a Synchronous Discussion?, Solid Approaches to Discussions, Critical Thinking for Evaluation of a Problem Solution, Testing Considerations, Online Tutors, The Electronic Student Center, Private Folders, Working Within a Group, Recapitulation of Advice From Online Students, Building Peer Relations, Student Vignette

Chapter 6

Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

Here you will find the most commonly asked questions related to the online course experience along with direct, right to the point, answers. This Chapter serves as an invaluable tool. In effect, it is your online navigation guidance system.

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