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By Steven McIntosh
Frequently Asked Questions of a Technical Nature
Excerpts from the book, How to Succeed With Online Learning

I have a lot of anxiety about distance learning. Help!

Rest assured that most everyone experiences anxiety when engaged in the process of online learning the very first time - and this includes professors! The book, available to you without cost, addresses that feeling - being anxious. Start reducing your anxiety right now with 'Understandable Tech Talk.' You will find this in Chapter 4.

What technology terms do I need to know when taking my first online course?

There are a bundle of possible technology terms you could encounter when getting started with online learning - and very few you need to be concerned with. This is discussed in Chapter 4.

I'm what you'd call 'technology challenged.' Is there any hope for me?

No, there is no hope for you. None. Not! Of course, there is hope! In today's technologically advanced learning environment, being technologically challenged is a constant condition. The forward motion of change in technology is great enough that no one person or expert can keep up with it all. So, take it all one step at a time. (Refer to Understandable Tech Talk in Chapter 4)

What do I do when I have problems connecting to my online course?

When you encounter difficulties in connecting to your online course, most likely over the Internet/WWW, you'll have a few options in seeking assistance: peers, professors, and the help desk. Help Desk? Yes, the Help Desk is the place for questions. If you can't connect with your computer, you can at least connect with someone who is going to try to assist you. All of this and much more is discussed in the Chapter, Understandable Tech Talk.

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